Romulus is 6 months old

Sunday, October 27, 2019 Las Vegas, NV, USA

OMG I seriously can't believe our baby boy is six months old. So many things have changed in our lives and he has changed so much in half a year.

Rommy turns half a year old weighing 21.8 pounds and he is now 29.5 inches long!! He is a big boy in the 97th percentile! This would be more surprising if his parents were not 6 ft and 6.2 ft tall. 😁

Romulus has been a little explorer this month. He wants to see and hold everything... and of course he tries to put everything in his mouth. He is much more interested in toys now. He didn't really care much for them until about a month ago, with the exception of the toys on his bouncer!

He is on a regular sleep schedule, for the moment. It took us weeks of pushing his bedtime back by two hours until he finally is going to bed at 10 PM every night and sleeping until 7:30 ish AM. He takes one long nap each day and a few 20-30 minute naps in between.

He is eating two jars of food every day. Each time the spoon goes in his mouth he says "mmm". 😂 We are looking forward to trying new foods with him this week. We have used the Tommee Tippie bottles since he was about three weeks old. We just had to go up to the largest/fastest size. He does so well with these bottles and they are very easy to clean.

He is now wearing 12 month old clothes and fits into some 18 month old clothes. 😮

We were recently approached by a baby clothing company who has asked if we would like Romulus to be an Ambassador. We said yes. You will see some of those clothes on Instagram and if you want to purchase the same clothes at 25% off just use code: ROMULUS13 at checkout!

He is really enjoying tummy time and is trying to crawl. He just has to learn how to pick up is belly and he will be crawling all over the place.

He has started rubbing his feet together really quickly when he is agitated like a cricket!!

I have now been working for two months. Every Monday is hard on him... he is very moody and weepy. It makes me feel terrible but he will get used to it. 😭

He laughs a lot now. Any little thing will make him smile and repeating that thing will make him belly laugh. I cherish the sweet sound of his little baby laugh!

He is enjoying cuddling and will cuddle into us on purpose. It is so cute and we of course will stop whatever we are doing to give him all the cuddles he needs! He also likes to feel our faces. His sweet little hand will feel our eyebrows, nose, and cheeks while he stares at us looking intrigued. 💖

We had to buy a bigger car seat. He will start using it today. His shoulders became too wide for the infant carrier. This also meant we had to outfit our car with sun shades on the back and rear door windows. Totally worth it. I just hope the car seat fits in our tiny car! 😆

It seriously only seems like yesterday that he was laying on my chest screaming - only a few minutes old. Time fly's so fast and we are trying to soak up every single minute of it! 


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