Romulus is 4 months old

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


This month was our busiest month yet. At the beginning of the month we packed up and left San Diego to move to Las Vegas. Romulus did great. I think he could tell something was up the two days we were packing because he wanted to be held the entire time. We set out for Vegas at 11:30 PM 07/31 and arrived at 5:30 AM 08/01. He basically slept through the entire trip.

When we got to Vegas the condo we rented was under repair so the owner put us up for a week in a big house with a private pool. Because we had the entire pool to ourselves we let Rommy swim for the first time and boy did he love it! That week it was really nice to have a private pool and enjoy transitioning to life in Vegas. It was almost like a vacation.

Soon after Romulus went to his first big time Magic the Gathering event at the convention center in Las Vegas. This was a fun family outing!

Month three overall was full of a lot of firsts for us. Romulus began being very talkative, laughing a lot, enjoying Sesame Street, and using his core muscles while trying to sit up.

Every day he learns new things. I like to kiss him on the neck saying num-num-num and he has started doing his own version of this to Mom and Robert. Except instead of kisses he snorts in their ears! 😍

There is a piece of geometric wall art in the living room of the condo that he loves to stare and laugh at. He gets so cracked up by it. We will have to get interesting things to hang on the wall when we get our own place!

He has started teething which has messed up his sleep schedule. We're working on getting that back on track!

I compiled a long video of family footage from 12 weeks pregnant to the baby being four months old. Check that out here.

Overall month three went by so fast and we enjoyed every moment with our sweet boy! Next month I will start working and it will be hard but I'll have to leave him at home every day. Thankfully Robert will be with him, that will make it so much easier because I know he will be taken care of and a huge perk is being able to video chat during lunch!! 💖


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