Romulus is 3 months old.

Saturday, July 27, 2019


I'll say this every month... I cannot believe how fast time is moving. Watching this sweet baby grow has been the most amazing thing I've ever done.

This last month we've starting seeing glimpses of his personality. He is so much like both of us. I see both of our personalities in him already. When he is aggravated he reminds me of myself and when he is all smiles he reminds me of his daddy.

He's smiling a-lot in response to our smiles. Laughing a-lot as well!

He's measuring 26 inches long and 18.5 pounds. He has almost outgrown his moses basket. We will be setting up larger sleep quarters for him when we move. He is currently wearing 9-12 month clothes and it won't be long before he's outgrown those.

He is so strong. When he arches his back in a fit of discontent we really have to hold on!! While changing him if he doesn't want to move his legs up or down we just have to wait for him to cooperate.

He went through his 3 month growth spurt and threw everyone off. We went from sleeping 6 hours at around the same time every night to staying up all night and sleeping all day. I'm so thankful California has such a long maternity leave. The lack of sleep has been really rough on us. I'm still healing so the brief sleep schedule we had was great... we're working on getting back there!

He holds his own head up 99% of the time. We're still very cautious when handling him to make sure and support him but as I said he is a strong boy.

He has been testing his vocal chords a-lot. Making lots of vowel sounds. He loves peak-a-boo and silly high pitched songs. He also squeaks a-lot... whether he is excited or going #2 or sometimes while he's sleeping.

I've been watching minecraft timelapse builds on YouTube and he is mesmerized by the bright colors. Robert likes to play the original Muppet Babies show for him and he smiles a-lot while watching it. We know he can't see the TV yet but he really loves the bright contrasting colors and will pay attention to it for a while.

He is trying so hard to suck his thumb but ends up with half of his hand in his mouth. It's so cute to watch his process of trying to just suck on his thumb. He also holds his hands together a-lot. With his serious expressions and hand holding he looks like a concerned parent whose kid came in after curfew. He cracks us up!

Still, three months later we spend so much time just staring at him saying "I can't believe we have a baby" or "he is so damn cute.". We are so in love with this big little boy. 


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