Photobook: Balboa Park by Sergio Gray

Friday, July 5, 2019

Balboa park is one of our favorite places in San Diego. It's not only a gorgeous place for family photos it is also home to the San Diego Zoo and a host of museums. Definitely a place we plan to spend time with Romulus.

Sergio, the same photographer who shot our maternity pics, met us there at 7:30 am before it could get insanely crowded. That was the perfect time. He is great with the camera and fun to hang out with as well! Find him here.

I'm so thankful we had these photos taken. I almost canceled the week before because I gained so much weight during pregnancy. Then I almost canceled the morning of because mine and Robert's hair would not cooperate. I decided above all my insecurities I wanted to be present in photos with Romulus at all ages. I can always lose weight, I've already lost 5 pounds in my first five days of keto 🤗🤗, but I can never get this time back with my son. You also never know what tomorrow will bring so show up as your whole self with no regrets!


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