Romulus is 2 months old.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

 Two whole months. 😭

I know everyone says it but seriously where has the time gone. This month has been full of firsts for all three of us. From massive amounts of time cuddling to trying to figure out why he started crying in the middle of his sleep we have enjoyed every moment.

Early this month Romulus started using his baby gym. He didn't seem to care too much about the hanging objects until later in the month but he loves the contrasting colors and movement when he kicks it!

We finally have a sleep schedule!! For the most part Rommy goes to sleep between 10:30 and 11:30 then wakes up for feeding at 3:30ish stays awake for around 30 mins then goes back to sleep until 7:30ish. It's not a solid 6 hours but we'll take it!

As of today Romulus weighs 16 pounds!!! 🤭 He is wearing 3 to 6 month old clothes and is almost ready for the next size up!At his 6 week old well check two weeks ago he weighed 14 pounds and was 24 inches long. He is definitely a healthy baby! We did have to take him for an ultrasound to see if his spinal cord was connected to a sacral dimple but it turns out it's just a hereditary thing and there is nothing to worry about!

We're still reading to the baby often. Robert really wanted to get him Dr. Seuss books so we found some at a local used book store. Everytime Robert reads The Cat in the Hat to Rommy he freaks out at the same place, where the book introduces the fish. 😂😂

About two weeks ago in the middle of the night little baby Rom Rom decided to breast feed for a solid twenty mintues. After that he fed one time every other day or so until this weekend. As of Saturday he has fed every few hours for 10 to 15 minutes. He is still taking his normal amount of formula and I'm still pumping my normal amount. I'm sure he's getting breastmilk but I have no clue how much. It was really weird to breastfeed him in public when we made a pit stop just because I'm not used to it... but I thought if anyone is looking in my car hard enough to see us it's their problem and after our breastfeeding journey I really don't care if it offends them or not! I'm glad I didn't listen to the lactation consultant who told me to give up after 14 days. I'm not sure that I will ever produce enough to go completely formula free but this bonding time is priceless.

We decided to take a little roadtrip to Las Vegas. Romulus did very well in the car and didn't even seem to notice we were not at home. It was waaaaay hotter than I remembered so we didn't leave the casino we stayed at. For those who have never been to a casino you really don't have to leave because it's almost like a mall with several restaurants and attractions like movie theatres.

We're back home now and settling in for my last month of maternity leave. We've definitely enjoyed this time together and watching the baby grow.


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