That other blog kept me in a niche box

Friday, November 23, 2018

I have been a blogger for more than ten years. During that time I've started and stopped several blogs. The issue each time has been the niche. I've boxed myself in where I can only blog about holistic health, travel, gardening, living in a motorhome etc.

This time this blog is for me, about me, and will allow me to connect with you... the readers who read my posts because we share a connection! I will still keep the other blog and it will be super niche specific to make things more clear for all of you... well and myself really! ;)

I'm not going to define a niche this time. That being said a few of my favorite things you may catch me blabbing about are:
-my marriage
-my pregnancy
-my family
-life in San Diego
-holistic health
-my beliefs
-creating (could be anything)
-random thoughts

I'm not sure which social media channels I'll use but I'm thinking Instagram and Twitter... maybe Facebook but eh...

I'm excited to see who I can connect with and what I can create with this blog!!



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