Pregnancy. Honesty. Doing my best.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Friends, family, essential oil team, and reader I have yet to meet... I want you to know that I am 100% thrilled to be pregnant. Since Robert and I began our relationship in 2008 we were told a few times we only had a 3% chance of getting pregnant so this news has been mind-blowing, emotional, unexpected, and a little depressing...

I want to be honest with you all and let you know that while this blessing is the most magical thing that has ever happened to us it was also so unexpected that we never thought to plan for it. A baby was never a part of our plan because we were told there was a 97% chance it would not happen. We moved to San Diego knowing that we had to financially make it work for the two of us... and now there will be three mouths to feed.

The only thing I am really stressed about is the financial aspect because we have decided, for several reasons, that it makes more sense for Robert to stay home with the baby. In San Diego daycare costs as much or more than one of us makes in a month. Plus, I feel like I would be a nervous wreck if anyone else was watching/raising my child. So it works out for the best.

Because of my issues with anxiety and the fact that whatever ails mom also ails baby I have worked really hard to keep my anxiety under control. Thankfully I am still able to use Neroli essential oil and Serenity Blend! I have decided to go with the flow and trust that after ten years of desperately wanting to start a family with my amazing husband but feeling like I should quit caring because it would never happen... it finally happened and it did not happen just so we would fall on our faces. Things will work out as long as we keep making the right choices and taking positive steps forward.

We have been a lot worse off financially, it just feels like a heavier burden because we have a baby to think about. It has always worked out in the past so I'm sure it will work out now.

BTW, I'm at 11 weeks pregnant. I get to see the baby on ultrasound again next week. My grandmother, cousin, aunt, and uncle have been in town all talking about pregnancy and that my grandmother is going to try to come back to San Diego when the baby is born. All of this makes it feel so much more real.

I'm doing my best, I think we're doing okay. Next week I'll jump on to share photos of the ultrasound and maybe a baby bump photo!


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