Our first doctor visit.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

It did not go the way that we thought it would, but it did go better than I imagined,  so it is all good. We thought we were going to a group class but there were so few of us we got to have a one on one visit with the doctor. And... we got to see our baby.

This is Kayla's first baby so you know that she is worried. I went through all this about 25 years ago but I did not have the relationship with his mother that I have with Kayla so it is hard to compare the two. Which kind of makes this a first for us both.
She has had a bit of cramping and a little bit of spotting and that had the both of us in a tizzy about everything being OK. With as long as it took to conceive this youngin' we want to make sure that everything is perfect.

The Dr. said all that was normal though and everything looks good. She then did what they do with your wife down there to make sure her lady parts are all in order. That was all good. This is the exciting part though... we got to have a ultrasound.

I thought it was a bit early for that and we sure did not expect it today but they did it and we got to see the little swimmer. Right now the baby is little more than a heartbeat and that was really all we could see. But it was enough to have us both almost in tears.
I held Kayla's hand as we watched the light pulse blink on the screen and I thought I could not love her more. It felt so much more real to us both then.

It has been unreal for both of us, thinking at first that we got a bad batch of pregnancy tests somehow. Even as we strolled down the baby isles at Target picking out baby stuff it still felt like a game. Now though our little miracle has a heartbeat, and that is real as taxes.

We have a picture that does not really look like anything now but I am sure we will post it anyway. I know our mothers were excited to see it and it is baby's first picture. The next one we take should look more like something and I am sure we will share that one too.

All in all it was a good visit and an excellent day. 


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