Our trip to the fair

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Last Saturday we were celebrating and decided to visit the San Diego County fair in Del Mar. Our doTERRA business has grown to a point that Robert will no longer have to work a regular 9-5 job. He will drive Uber 8-12 hours a week, during the morning while I am at work, and will tend to our growing doTERRA tribe in the afternoons. As our doTERRA business grows he will drive less Uber. The goal is to cut out the Uber altogether. However this new schedule is such a relief as we were having difficulties squeezing everything into our life. Now Robert will be able to focus more on our team and our family with this new found freedom.

Robert's very first job was at a fair, the Suffolk County Fair in New York. He was fourteen at the time. He was the errand boy who spent long nights blowing up all of the balloons and fetching things for the Carnies who ran the show. It is very fitting that we would visit the San Diego fair as we make this transition in our lives.

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This had to be the biggest county fair I've ever been to. The area of this fair dedicated to food was larger than the entire county fair I attended each year growing up. Before we even made it off of the highway traffic was backed up for two exits because of all the other people in San Diego who chose to visit the fair on Saturday. As we pulled off the highway I reached for my bottle of Balance blend to make sure I stayed calm. I knew I would be nervous due to the sheer amount of people.

This year's fair theme was how sweet it is. There was an entire exhibit dedicated to fun facts and historical timelines of America's favorite candies. Complete with a life-sized playable candy land game that guided you through the crowds of people and highlighted each candy display. The photo above highlights a famous painting made completely out of Jelly Belly jelly beans. This was one of many amazing renditions of famous works recreated with candy.

This exhibit was amazing. It was one of many huge exhibits to be found. We had such a great time walking through the art exhibitions featuring all of the best artwork from the students of San Diego County. Some of these kids have amazing talent. We would have happily displayed a few of these amazing paintings in our home. There were rows and rows of artwork. We didn't even see them all.

There were also separate exhibits featuring local hand made wooden furniture. We found the perfect table for our dream home. A round table, seven feet in diameter, with a hand-carved solar system in the middle. We could picture ourselves and our doTERRA business leaders having dinner and working at this table. Beside of the wood working exhibit I stumbled upon my favorite exhibition featuring crystals and gemstones. There were so many types of crystals. Both in raw form and carved into amazing works of art. The coolest part of the crystal exhibit was the florescent cave. A dark room lit only by black-lights. This room had several rows of crystals to show what each one looked like under a black light. I never thought to examine my beloved crystals in this way. I was super excited about this.

We didn't ride any rides or eat any food. We simply observed. It was fantastic. We walked so much on this Saturday of celebration that when we got home I immediately reached for the Deep Blue Rub to soothe my aching muscles. I also applied lavender to my shoulders where I had a few spots of irritation from the sun.

It was truly amazing. We are really excited to make this a regular yearly part of our lives. Thank you for reading and for celebrating with us! We are excited for all of the new things to come!

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