Change doesn't have to be scary

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Change is such a big little word. Change seems to be the only true constant in this world. Yet we all seem to fear it and fight it tooth and nail. Though this makes no sense I can kind of see why we feel this way.
Change can be very uncomfortable and no one wants to be uncomfortable. Even if you are not in a comfortable position how do you know the change will help? You can not always predict how a change will affect you and the unknown is scary. Sometimes things are just fine the way they are so why go changing anything?

I get it, the truth though is you are going to face change. Some changes will be gradual. You will age, and with this comes a whole host of changes we all fight and fear. Some are more immediate and unexpected. You could lose your job and I do not need to tell you all the changes that come from that type of event. 

Most changes are more simple and less noticed but changes we fight and fear none the less. Some of us are worse than others. We eat at the same places all the time and we have had the same haircut since the 3rd grade. Some of us are fine with the little things but the big things stop us, like changing careers or cities.

We here at Apothekayla are all about change. Our inception was born of the need to change the way we treated our body. Our growth came with the need to change the way we treated our souls. Our passion came when we changed the way we lived our life.

Changing the way we treated our health was not easy and the size of the change made it scary. The alternative was scarier still. The realization that what we used to clean our home, care for our bodies, and what we ingested in our foods could have serious effects on our health was scarier than the thought of having to relearn what we thought we knew about healthy living.

After doing our best to remove what we thought was an obstacle to our heather physical-selves we addressed what was an obstacle to our happier-selves. This opened questions about our careers, where we lived, and how we lived.

We are by no means masters of change. For example, I own the same pair of pants and shirt combo in four colors, you know what I mean if you have seen my recipes with Rob series.  Still, we have managed to make a lot of changes over the years and I have some advice on how to get through it if you care to listen.

My first piece of advice is to direct the change. Not every change is going to be ones you see coming as I have said, but the ones you see coming are a lot less scary when you are in control. To do this you have to have your head up, your eyes open, and be proactive.

For example, don't wait till your sick to change your diet. "Sure, I feel fine now and fast food is quick and easy. Besides, it is only other people who have to worry about that kind of thing." I know I have had those thoughts my self. I could have continued down the path I was on to conveniently killing myself with food-like products or I could take control of my diet while I still had a choice.

Today I have a choice in how I change my diet for the better. I can choose to try all organic and all natural. I have a choice between veganism or keto. I know these choices and I can control them today. I could fear, avoid, fight or ignore this change and let my Oncologist make those choices for me later.

My next piece of advice is to take baby steps. In our quest to heal our souls we decided we needed to change toxic people, places, and things. So we spent everything we had on an RV to head out and explore the country. That was not a baby step and it was a big scary change. All the little steps that lead up to that big leap though gave us the strength to face that fear and make that change. 

We hade to change the relationships we had with family and friends. We had to change the way we made money and thought about work. We hade to change priorities about what we needed and what was important to our happiness.

Succumbing to your wanderlust may not be what you need to heal your soul or follow your bliss but for us it was. It was a big scary need that seemed imposable. It seemed almost easier to deal with all the little things that made life too uncomfortable to tolerate.   

Whatever your big scary need is though it is a lot less big and scary if you take it one small step at a time. Changing jobs may seem like a big deal now but, if you develop a skill you know you will need on that new job now, it will be less scary when you go to apply.  If you need to change your relationship with someone try calling less or calling more depending on how you want the relationship to change.

The point is you do not have to change the rest of your life today. All you have to do is change the choice you make now to align closer to what you need.  Each choice you make towards that change will bring you closer to it. Then one-day things have changed and you wonder what you worried about the whole time. 

Lastly, you have to have faith in yourself. Trust that you will make the right choices at the right time. You don't have to know what the entire journey will look like, only where you plan to end up. As long as you believe in what you are doing, stand firm in your decision, and always take positive steps forward you will accomplish your goal.

For me, I look to others for inspiration. Before we bought an RV I read as much as I could about others who had tried it. Though what I read was not always comforting, seeing others success made me more confident about my own. When we decided to do doTERRA as a business it was not all the facts and figures on the business that sold me it was seeing the way it had changed other lives.

Somethings though you just have to trust in yourself to be up to the challenge. Quitting my job to focus on our doTERRA business, for example, was a big leap of faith. While I have met others that make more in a month with doTERRA than I did last year, we are not there yet.  However, we have been doing this doTERRA business for a little while now and we are earning money. Kayla and I were at a point where we needed to invest more of our time to make more money... still walking away from the 9 to 5 and the path I set for myself when I earned my Masters degree is a big leap of faith.

Change is hard, it is scary, and it is coming. Whatever your change is I hope you embrace it or at least make it as easy as possible. We have written quite a few posts on our changes so if you are looking for inspiration for a change of your own I hope you find some in our past posts.   

If you are looking to follow our path with the doTERRA business we have plenty of baby steps to help you to make that big change.   

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