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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Welcome back to #SelfcareSunday!

I have written before about the power our own voice has on our life. Our voice, thoughts, and belief about ourselves program our subconscious. I personally prefer a positive programming. If you prefer a negative version of this program I am unable to help you with that. ;) This blog post will detail the steps I have taken to make an affirmations list, record it on my phone and integrate it into my life.
First things first. What do you want out of life. Abundance? Happiness? Good health? Great, me too.

Write it down. Now take all of these feelings, experiences, people, and things that you want in your life and write a sentence for each one. You must write these sentences in the present tense. Do not use I will, I can, or I try. When you tell your subconscious that you will do something you are stating that you haven't done this thing yet. This will keep you in a pattern of hey I would like to do this but not yet. Here is an example:

Correct: I take positive steps to live a healthy life.
Incorrect: I will start taking positive steps to live a healthy life.

Now, take the list that you have written and either video tape yourself saying your affirmations or use the voice recorder on your phone. It doesn't have to be perfect (see my video below).

ACTION REQUIRED: Listen to this each morning while you drink your tea or coffee. Have a piece of paper close by. If a thought pops into your head while you are listening that distracts you from listening write a word that describes that thought so you can restart your recording and think about that fleeting thought later... if it is important enough.

Note: This can be as short or as long as you like. This is for you. You may record more than one or use this one until you have outgrown it and record another.

Here's my video recording:

Need help working through your affirmations? Let me know! I love to help others succeed!

Please let me know what you think in the comments. You can also connect with me on social media, using the pink buttons below to find my pages. Make sure to check out my events page for my live chat and in person event schedule. You can also schedule a wellness chat with me there! :)
Be well! -Kayla


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