Reaching your goals with baby steps

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Your comfort zone is a nice cozy place where you naturally prefer to remain. However, reaching your goals usually comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone. In this blog post I will discuss four baby steps you can take now that will help you overcome the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone. All four items can be completed from your couch and in one sitting. You will need a few sheets of paper and 2-3 hours.

1. Create a Goal Inventory:
Make a list of your goals - from health to financial. Next to each item visualize how you will feel when you have achieved that goal and write it down only using the emotion attached. For example one of mine is: Traveling abroad. I could focus on how nervous I am to fly for the first time or how stressful the planning of this vacation would feel. Instead I focus on the positive aspects and list the emotions I will feel when I land in London for the first time: excited, accomplished, invigorated, and successful come to mind.

2.Recognize the Road blocks:
On another page start with the goal that will take the least effort. Now write the hurdles you will have to jump to accomplish that goal. What stands between where you are now and the finish line? Work your way from your easiest goal to your hardest goal. Once you have completed the list focus on the road blocks. Ask yourself: is this an actual road block or a fear I have that is getting in my way. I have found that when I create this list the hurdles I have to jump usually stem from inside myself. An example would be my oil business. My hurdles are: I don't know enough people, people will think I'm being pushy, people already buy them from drugstores or are a part of an oil team. ALL of those are mental and can be cleared.

The easiest way to clear a road block is taking the logical approach. I could tell you about how positive self talk works wonders but I have already done that. Here we want to analyze and make note of whether the hurdle is real world hurdle or a mental hurdle. Then write down how someone you admire would overcome that, step by step. My example of hurdles in my oil business: I don't know enough people: (To protect identity I will use the name Nikka) My role model Nikka would either reach out to her contacts and ask if they have family or friends who could benefit from natural wellness or would go out into the community and meet people. People would think I am being pushy: Nikka would honor the gift of the oils and her ability to share them. She would approach people from a place of love rather than a place of desperation and let her positive experiences with the oils lead the conversation. People already buy them from drugstores or are a part of an oil team: Nikka would say "How do you know that?" and if they are going to buy them why couldn't they buy them from you. She would also remind me about why I choose the oil company I work for which totally boils down to quality.

3. Make One Small Change:
On a separate page list out the steps you will have to take to achieve your goals. Look into the next week or month and plan when you will take those steps. Try a step a day even. Consistent action will always get you farther than full speed ahead. (To protect identity I will use the name Joanne) My mentor Joanne reminded me of the 20 mile story a few days ago. Two teams were racing across the Alaskan wilderness; one team decided to go as far as they possibly could each day while the other team decided to go for 20 miles each day whether or not the weather cooperated or they felt good or bad. In the end the team who decided to go full speed ahead fell apart and never finished the race. The team who decided on an achievable 20 miles per day won.

Consistent action turns into habit and with good habits we can achieve any goal we set our minds on. Each small step will create momentum and as long as you have decided to move forward this momentum will continue to build on itself.

4. Find an accountability partner:
Write down that person in your life who inspires you. Write out the question you plan to ask them so when you get them on the phone your nerves do not take over. A script will help you power through your fears. Here is an example:
I really feel that you are taking positive steps to reach your goals. I am working on doing the same. Would you mind we shared our goals with each other and then kept in close contact about our progress?
You will be surprised at how willing others are to work together on accomplishing goals even if their goal is not mirroring yours.

So... do you think you can step out of your comfort zone long enough to take these four baby steps? Are you excited to see the progress you make?

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