4 Powerful Self-Care Habits

Sunday, March 25, 2018

A habit is simply an action. After a month of taking those actions they become a habit. Are we forming positive habits that are nourishing or negative actions that are damaging? In this post I will offer four powerful self care habits that everyone should start using yesterday!

Find your bliss:
My bliss is blogging and helping beginners start their holistic journey. I feel centered when even one person says hey you make that seem simple I think I will try to make that recipe or integrate that oil into my life.

Your bliss may be sewing, running, volunteer work, or being creative. If you don't have one you should definitely explore different types of hobbies until you find that one thing (two would be cool as well) that sets your soul on fire. No - binge watching that series you love is not bliss. I have those shows as well but that is considered rest. Bliss is something that feels like an escape even if someone else would consider it work. Tell me about your bliss in the comment section.

Positive affirmation card.

I use both affirmation cards and an app called Affirmations on my phone.

The point of using an affirmation is giving your mind something positive to contemplate throughout the day. Saying uplifting phrases to ourselves throughout the day is a great way to boost not only our moral but our self esteem, productivity, and thought process.

The affirmations app on the phone is free. I have it pinned to the notifications bar and my home-screen. Sometimes the day is so busy that I don't even notice they are there. That being said I always notice them when  I need to see the message. It is a great way to stop and say yes self, I do know how to heal or I am attracting abundance into my life. Remember what you think about you bring about.

Breathe in love, breathe out love.

Deep Breaths:
It only takes a few moments to stop what you are doing and take 5-10 long deep breaths. When you do this use this trick to make each breath more meaningful. During your inhale think breathe in *insert word below* during your exhale think breathe out *insert word from below*. You may use your own words the table below contains a few of my favorites. Typically I will use the last two. I do not want to add any additional fear or toxicity to the world but sometimes I will use them if they seem right.

On inhale
On exhale
Breathe in love
Breathe out fear
Breathe in healing
Breath out toxicity
Breathe in love
Breathe out love
Breathe in light
Breathe out light

Essential oils:
Each morning I add a drop of grounding blend to the bottom of my feet, a drop of frankincense under my tongue and a cellular vitality blend to my lumbar area. Throughout the day I will add wild orange to my water for focus or lemon if I feel the need to detox my system. There are so many simple ways you could incorporate even one drop of an essential oil into your life and make a habit out if it that truly benefits your well being; mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Want more info on essential oils or where I purchase mine? Send me an email.

Which of these habits are you excited to start? Please let me know what you think in the comments. You can also connect with me on social media, using the pink buttons below to find my pages. Use the gray buttons under the post to share on your social media pages. Tag me in the post and I will re-share or re-tweet! -Be well!

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