What is PCOS?

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Warning: Personal story ahead.

This was me, two years ago after trusting my instinct and getting a second opinion. I was in constant pain because I had a pinched nerve in my back and the doctors refused to believe that the pain I had was being caused by anything other than my weight. 

My new doctor treated my back for a pinched nerve but felt something was going on that was more serious than a pinched nerve. During that second opinion visit I shared my daily food log with my physician. I was only eating 1,200 calories a day and still gaining weight. She immediately refereed me to an Endochronologist. Based on my medical history of endometriosis, irregular or no menstraul cycle, an inability to loose weight, super high testosterone levels, terrible anxiety, and growth of hair on my chin- the Endocrinologist diagnosed me with PCOS. Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome was the root cause of all of my biggest health concerns.

The doctor wanted to prescribe me diabetic medication because part of PCOS is an issue with your insulin receptors. Basically from my non-Physichian interpretation of insulin receptor issues combined with high  testosterone levels: My body would not process sugar normally and stored almost 100% of the sugar because the elevated  testosterone put my body  into survival / scarcity mode. 

I asked my primary care physician to monitor my testosterone levels because I wanted to try a holistic supplement before taking medication. I did an immense amount of research and found Asana by: Ladies Balance. The customer reviews sold me on the product with SO many stories just like mine. I have now been on a daily regimine of Asana for two years. My blood-work has been great.

The Endocrinologist also recommended a diet I had never heard of called the Ketogenic Diet. I felt like it was pretty extreme and figured I would just cut back on my Carbohydrates to 100g per day. Before the PCOS diagnosis I had gained so much weight, even when eating a 1200 calorie/organic/Non-GMO diet that the doctor's scale wouldn't weigh me. This meant I weighed more than 450 pounds. 

After a about five months of 100 carbs per day I was able to weigh in. Each of the three months before trying the Keto Diet I was losing around 2lbs. per month. Because the pinched nerve, and dealing with a crazy knee issue (will write more on that later) I was unable to exercise. My doctor was pleased with my progress but told me simply: "Your blood pressure and blood tests are amazingly normal. If you want them to stay that way you either need to take weight loss medication or choose a more aggressive diet".

This is when I sat down and really researched the diet. I found that it is recommended by many physicians and nutritionalists for patients with PCOS. On the Keto diet your body transitions from burning glucose as fuel to burning ketones. 

This diet has not been easy but it has helped me to loose an average of 8-9 lbs per month without exercising. I should be able to exercise again within the next month when I have my knee attended to. It has also helped with my anxiety issues. When I have suffered from moments of weakness and had a carbohydrate heavy day,  the carbs are always accompanied by heightened anxiety-in some cases I would have severe panic attacks on those days as well. My last cheat day was on Christmas. 

PCOS cannot be cured. However, with positive daily action it can be managed.

Thanks for hanging in here with me during this long personal story. I will be sharing info on Apothekayla and hosting a Q & A session on Keto via Facebook live  tomorrow @ 2 PM PST. Hopefully we can chat then!

Thanks and be well.

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