New San Diego Apartment #2

Friday, January 12, 2018

We have lived here for one month. While we have a lot left to do we wanted to share the first bit of progress for our friends and family back home!

Our dining room/library. We kept very little when we moved into our motor home in 2014. While we got rid of 90% of our belongings we did keep 3/4 of our books and are excited to have bookshelves that are also cat proof... we think!

When my mom moved to San Diego she brought a few of my most treasured pieces of furniture. The brown benches at the table were one of the only items that made it out of a house fire we had when I was six months old. They are older than I am and the most solid furniture we have. on the wall to the right of the bookshelves we plan to add a gallery wall with our diplomas and photos from our life. I am still in the planning process and want to take my time setting it up so it fits the feel we are trying to create in our space.

The kitchen. We are thrilled with the kitchen. Clearly I need to find a better method for containing the cat food. :)

We were not sure if we would like the gas stove. After a month we find that it has made a huge difference in the quality of the food we prepare.

My FAVORITE THING about the kitchen is the filtered water tap. We drink so much water. Other than coffee we rarely drink anything but water. Having it on tap is super convenient.

As stated in my post New Apartment #1 we are avid gamers. We need to find a way to display the TV's or get different TV's so that we can mount them side by side. My two FAVORITE THINGS about the living room are the size of it and the conduit that hides the cords. I'm guessing you didn't notice until I mentioned it, because well - the cords are hidden!!

We have a lot left to do in the living room. We want to get a large sectional and large ottoman to kick our feet up. I am also planning to place a huge wall decal of a map behind the love seat. What we have will work for now. We are comfortable and are not willing to buy furniture on credit.

Our bathroom is almost as big as the second bedroom in our last apartment. We love it. There is a lot of storage and it feels almost palatial. We would like to buy new towels and a smaller lamp for the counter. The main light is motion-censored which can be frustrating which is why we keep the LED lamp on.

Well, folks, that's it for now. I will share more as we decorate more. We also have a bedroom and a nice patio. However those are not camera ready. :)

Thanks for joining the apartment tour, let me know what you think, and until next time keep thriving!


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