New San Diego Apartment #1

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Recently we moved into the nicest apartment I've ever lived in. This apartment felt so luxurious... until we moved our old furniture into it. I have many ideas about how we should decorate but very little room in the budget to make it happen.

Never fear though,  Mr. Winter and I have lived on much tighter budgets the whole time we've been together. With good planning, the right timing, and some elbow grease we should have our new apartment in tip top shape soon.

The first part of my decor planning process always starts with my virtual vision board.
There are a few pieces we plan to purchase new from IKEA. The Billy bookcases with glass doors will house our books and favorite items we want to keep from the cats. The bookcases will take up an entire wall of our dining/ library area.

We have been back and forth on ideas for the living room where seating is concerned. We have landed on a large sectional. We are a gaming couple so having two televisions and a monitor in one room is a must. Organizing the screens is tricky because we don't want our space to seem like the electronics display section at a department store.

Our apartment is a long - open concept space. Because of this all decor should match. We have an eclectic style which includes gold frames, globes, and items which inspire happy thoughts of world travel.

We are excited to create a space that we enjoy entertaining and living in. Once we have everything in place I will definitely share photos!

[Note: The last three photos are not mine. They are only used for example and in no way meant to aide in earning money.]


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