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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hi, My name is  Kayla and I am a planner geek!

Last night I decided to merge two of my favorite planner types. I love the bullet journal system and came across a post by Boho berry about Bullet Journaling in a Filofax. So I purchased an Avery mini binder and some accessories last night which cost a lot less than a Filofax. Then I spent a few hours making custom tabs. I am planning to begin using this planner Nov 1. Watch my flip through video below!

The perks:

  • flexibility  of the Bullet journal system.
  • Ability to move / add pages when needed.
  • I can now use printables or add in coloring pages when the mood strikes.
  • If I mess up I can just remove the page.
Once I figure out the  exact system I plan to use I will share more info with you. For now, during the first month of use, I consider this my brainstorming time.

The very first page in the binder is called a dashboard. This is the page on the left in the photo above. I have one of my favorite pictures of Robert and I on the front side and a piece of coloring paper on the back with post it notes taped to it. With this space I can add sticky notes for reminders or ideas of pages I would like to incorporate into my bullet journal binder. I covered it with clear tape to make it more durable. 

Supplies I used:
The paper I am currently using was taken from my old BUJO (AKA: Bullet Journal). I plan to purchase paper or print paper when I need more! I also plan to purchase a mini three hole punch!

I used picture card placement paper from a package to make the tabs. I also purchased an adult coloring book and have cut down a few pages as shown above.

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