Desert car washing

Saturday, May 14, 2016

We have rarely washed our cars in the past...

Embarrassing? Yes. 

Now that we have a new car any little speck of dust drives us crazy. We never thought we would be "those people". Seeing as we live in the desert it only takes a few days between washes to notice those specks of dirt. 

My loving husband is washing the car as I write. This post is totally random, but so am I! 

Also notice in the picture that it is 100° at 7 in the evening in May.

BuJo ESO #Nerd

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In the real world being passionate about planners and video games makes you a #nerd. What would I be if I found a way to combine these passions?

BuJo: Bullet Journal.

After years of seeking the perfect planner I came across the planning method of Bullet Journaling. The best part is my BuJo can be my creativity outlet, shopping list, daily planner, and as you will see later my ESO tracker. I have three BuJo's going right now: My life, Work, and ESO.

Watch this video to learn more about bullet journaling.

ESO: Elder Scrolls Online

In my last post about adventuring with my husband I spoke about my current character Venspatra. In this amazing game there are several traits you have to research to improve your character. Researching happens when you find an item with a trait and destroy it to learn the trait. Clicking back and forth through the menus to figure out which items I needed to save for researching was time consuming so I decided to use a blank dot grid journal I had to make a BuJo just for our ESO information.

This BuJo has a fishing guide, armor set locations/ abilities, crafting information for all types of crafting, and a two spread character page for myself and my husband where we can use the handy chart I made to track our research. Here are a few photos showing the graph I made.

I may post more about this topic later, either BuJo or ESO. Then again I may not! ;)


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