Beautiful Bullhead City

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bullhead City has been a great place to live the last two years. There are many activities and beautiful scenery. Robert and I will be graduating with our Master's degrees in twenty days, unfortunately Bullhead City lacks a decent job economy.

It has definitely been an experience to live in the desert. With summer temperatures reaching 125+ and so little rain that a slight drizzle brings about excitement. The Colorado River stays cold all summer and locals find respite in its cool currents. The mountains surrounding the town are full of mining history and wonderful hiking.

We have made some life-long friends here. Whether through our work or charitable organizations there are plenty of people who we will miss. However the time has come once again for something different.
Lake Mohave
We have been saving money and preparing for this transition for some time. We are not speaking publicly about where we are headed or what we will be doing until we know for sure. One thing I will say is that we have been in school for the last six years of our lives and we want to make the most of our education!

Thank you Bullhead for being so inviting. From the people to the beautiful scenery rain or shine we will always have a place in our hearts for you! 

Singing to my own private audience

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Around a year ago a friend told me about this amazing app called Sing!Karaoke. Since then when the mood strikes I belt out a few songs which are recorded and shareable.

The app allows you to browse through thousands of songs and even search by your favorite titles. You can either record by yourself or with others in a duo. When you sing it is automatically recorded and you can edit the song by adding a layer of vocal effects which make you sound auto-tuned or as if you were preforming in a large opera house.

Once you have recorded your songs you can decide whether they are public or private. If you log into your account on the computer you can change the album art as well.

If you would like to listen to the songs I have recorded check out the scrolling box on the left side of the blog or a few of these!

Transitioning my planner.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hi, My name is  Kayla and I am a planner geek!

Last night I decided to merge two of my favorite planner types. I love the bullet journal system and came across a post by Boho berry about Bullet Journaling in a Filofax. So I purchased an Avery mini binder and some accessories last night which cost a lot less than a Filofax. Then I spent a few hours making custom tabs. I am planning to begin using this planner Nov 1. Watch my flip through video below!

The perks:

  • flexibility  of the Bullet journal system.
  • Ability to move / add pages when needed.
  • I can now use printables or add in coloring pages when the mood strikes.
  • If I mess up I can just remove the page.
Once I figure out the  exact system I plan to use I will share more info with you. For now, during the first month of use, I consider this my brainstorming time.

The very first page in the binder is called a dashboard. This is the page on the left in the photo above. I have one of my favorite pictures of Robert and I on the front side and a piece of coloring paper on the back with post it notes taped to it. With this space I can add sticky notes for reminders or ideas of pages I would like to incorporate into my bullet journal binder. I covered it with clear tape to make it more durable. 

Supplies I used:
The paper I am currently using was taken from my old BUJO (AKA: Bullet Journal). I plan to purchase paper or print paper when I need more! I also plan to purchase a mini three hole punch!

I used picture card placement paper from a package to make the tabs. I also purchased an adult coloring book and have cut down a few pages as shown above.

Our blog is an affiliate of If you decide to purchase any of the products I linked to I may earn a small commission. This will not affect your price! Thanks for reading.

Desert car washing

Saturday, May 14, 2016

We have rarely washed our cars in the past...

Embarrassing? Yes. 

Now that we have a new car any little speck of dust drives us crazy. We never thought we would be "those people". Seeing as we live in the desert it only takes a few days between washes to notice those specks of dirt. 

My loving husband is washing the car as I write. This post is totally random, but so am I! 

Also notice in the picture that it is 100° at 7 in the evening in May.

BuJo ESO #Nerd

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In the real world being passionate about planners and video games makes you a #nerd. What would I be if I found a way to combine these passions?

BuJo: Bullet Journal.

After years of seeking the perfect planner I came across the planning method of Bullet Journaling. The best part is my BuJo can be my creativity outlet, shopping list, daily planner, and as you will see later my ESO tracker. I have three BuJo's going right now: My life, Work, and ESO.

Watch this video to learn more about bullet journaling.

ESO: Elder Scrolls Online

In my last post about adventuring with my husband I spoke about my current character Venspatra. In this amazing game there are several traits you have to research to improve your character. Researching happens when you find an item with a trait and destroy it to learn the trait. Clicking back and forth through the menus to figure out which items I needed to save for researching was time consuming so I decided to use a blank dot grid journal I had to make a BuJo just for our ESO information.

This BuJo has a fishing guide, armor set locations/ abilities, crafting information for all types of crafting, and a two spread character page for myself and my husband where we can use the handy chart I made to track our research. Here are a few photos showing the graph I made.

I may post more about this topic later, either BuJo or ESO. Then again I may not! ;)


Saturday, April 30, 2016

Skyrim was one of my all time favorite games. My husband and I had two set ups in the same room so we could quest side by side. I remember multiple conversations with the topic of questing together in our game. 

Now we have two set ups again and Elder Scrolls Online. We can play in the same world's with characters who share quests, experience points, and loot! 

Venspatra is a high elf sorcerer who is a member of the Mages Guild and the Thieves Guild. She crafts light armor, potions, and dabbles in wood working. 

Fishing is a fun hobby of hers and she met a friend while fishing who happened to be a part of an awesome guild. Being a part of a members guild means you can go on quests in large groups and share resources.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this online universe. Questing at the side of my husband and best friend is amazing! Sure, the game developers are still working out some of the kinks but we are so happy with the game overall. 

Getting settled in San Diego!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hello friends and family!

Since we last wrote when we decided to leave Bullhead City Arizona after graduation, we have spent the last month moving to San Diego.

We researched San Diego for a long time. We visited a few times and finally after a job interview in San Bernardino decided we had to make it work in San Diego. 

We feel like we were always meant to end up here. Everything we love is here: 70 miles of beaches, mountains, hiking, shopping (Sprouts, Ikea, tons of thrift stores), and culture.

We packed our apartment into a 10 x 10 storage unit and rented a cottage on for three weeks. The cottage was very cozy and the hosts were super cool!

We both got jobs quickly through a staffing company and we're able to jump right into the workforce. At the moment I am working in an amazing office doing property management assistance with great co workers. We had to get used to the commute and making sure we grocery shop on the weekends so we are able to spend time at home after work.

We got an apartment and moved our belongings from Bullhead to San Diego on New Years Eve. Over the last two months we have been to Bullhead four times which takes six hours to get to.

We have been so busy, today has been the first day that we have had time to sit still. We have had to travel each weekend either to Bullhead or to North LA for a memorial service. In December we lost one of our best friends and it has been really hard to process. Not a day goes by that we say "it doesn't seem real".

We have had our other besties over to visit on Christmas which was awesome. We finally made time to do touristy stuff.

We hope to have friends over to stay often and once we are more settled we plan to visit back home in NC.
It has been a long month but at the end of the day we are both super happy with our life here and feel like it was well worth all of the hassle. 2016 is over, thankfully, and we are looking forward to all that 2017 has to offer!


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