Stuck in Bullhead City

Thursday, January 29, 2015

After we paid the bill at the mechanic I thought that our plans were shot. We had hoped to get a lot of traveling and writing done with that money. I was thinking we would spend some time in Vegas, see SoCal, and tour the Grand Canyon. Now we don't have enough gas to get to any of those places. I have to admit I was kind of depressed. 

When we first got to Bullhead I wanted to sit in the RV and feel sorry for myself. For the first few days I did. Things were not going the way I had planed and I felt like having a pity party. We did not even have the warm weather I was looking forward to.

It snowed on us here. Out of all the locals we talked to none of them remembered it snowing here before. We were snowed on from Kansas to New Mexico and now it seemed we brought the snow to Bullhead city.

The snow did not last for long though and soon after the snow melted so did my doldrums. You do not have to have a bunch of money to have fun here. We are in a beautiful park full of friendly people. We would surely find a way to have fun.

I had really wanted to rent a car so we can see the sights around town. Luckily this place has good bus system. The town is not that big and the bus can get us around to shopping and dinning. We can even make it to the casino across the river if we feel up to a little gambling, via the bus and a quick ferry. If the bus cannot get us there they have a cab company that's not too expensive and with the town being so small we can get most anywhere for about 10 bucks.

Exploring the casinos with an awesome
couple we met at the RV park!
The park we are at has a lot going on too, so we do not have to go out to find fun. The office has a library with books from all genres. The clubhouse has different activities almost every day from arts and crafts to poker night. When it gets too hot outside we can hit the pool. If you just want to relax the hot tub might be more up your ally. If you have a hard time talking with strangers Saturday morning free coffee and donuts is a great way to meet people.

There are a few places I would like to explore and some mountains I would like to hike. I hear tell that there is a place with old Native American petroglyphs.  We are planing a day at the river which we can see from our RV.

I had not planed to stay any one place for an extended period of time but if you had to be somewhere I can think of much worse places then Bullhead City.The weather here is gorgeous, our daily temps hover between 65 and 70 degrees. I would also guess that between the city of Laughlin Nevada and Bullheady City there are thousands of RV'ers here at this time of year. This seems like the place to be
if you are in an RV.

We made it here in one piece and obviously we were meant to spend some time here! We plan to make the best of it!

New years and time zones

Saturday, January 24, 2015

On your way west from North Carolina to Arizona you change time zones twice. We arrived in Bullhead City on December 27th and had just enough time to get settled and meet a few locals before New Years Eve.

A nice man that we met while walking around Silverview RV Resort told us about the local fireworks display. He told us how he looks forward to seeing it every year when he returns to Bullhead City for the winter. He also told us to mind the time-zone gap as the fireworks display happened at the casino's in Laughlin, Nevada. We had an amazing view of the casino's during the day from our campground so we were looking forward to the view of the city at night and the fireworks.

Our first day in Bullhead City. You can see the Casinos in
the distance behind us, we are at the RV Resort in the pic.
Here in Bullhead City the state line of Arizona is defined by the Colorado River. The river also plays an important role on the internal sensor of your phone and the time on your phone goes backwards one hour when you cross it. The man we spoke with that told us about the fireworks said he watches them at 11:00 PM. Without further thought I set an alarm on the phone to go off ten minutes before eleven so we could set up our chairs on the bluff to see the show.

The night of new years we watched New York celebrate the ball dropping at 10:00; the Happy New Year texts began pouring in from friends and family back home as well. We started watching the clock so we could get the camera, chairs, and coats before we walked to our spot. At 10:50 we started walking to the entrance of the park, placed our chairs, got the camera out and waited. While we were waiting we started having a conversation about time zones and how they were hard to get used to and at 11:02 we realized Laughlin was an hour behind us. They would see New Years at 1:00 AM.

We laughed at ourselves as we carried our gear back to the motor-home and decided to cook dinner while we waited two hours to try our firework experience again. We noticed something else when we made it back to the camper. The internal sensor that automatically sets the time on our phone had gotten confused and we were on Laughin time on our phone. We didn't realize it at first and wondered how we managed to loose an entire hour in only a few minutes. We figured it must have been the automatic update on the phone but by this point we were feeling a little tipsy and we hadn't had a single drop to drink.

At 12:50 Arizona time we headed for a different entrance of the park to find an even better view point of the casinos and got cozy just in time. While the view was better there was also a lot of traffic because we were on the sidewalk versus being inside the park. Locals stopped at the stop sign a little longer than normal during the ten minute firework display, some even pulled over to take photos.

All in all, even with the time-zone headaches and the chill of the wind the fireworks were beautiful. It was an uneventful night for us, we didn't go out on the town or throw a bon-fire with friends like we had the year before, but we were together. In a new place, in a different time, and with our dreams manifesting. We realized how different we had become, the way we experienced growth from the people we were after all of the events that happened in our lives in 2014. We decided the only resolution we would set for ourselves was to never make resolutions and instead make each day a day of learning, living, laughing, and loving.

This year is sure to be a good one. While this post is a little late, we hope you all had an amazing New Year celebration. We wanted to publish our blog posts in the order that they took place and we are just getting around to sharing our New Years Eve with you. We look forward to sharing our new year with you. Thanks for being a part of our 2014!


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