The life of a Nomad

Friday, December 5, 2014

The term Nomad is defined in many ways, the definition will change from person to person. Basically a Nomad is someone who lives without a fixed address. We are Nomads.

This blog post will be bitter sweet.

As Nomads who have the ability to pack up and leave when we need/ want to we are granted a certain type of freedom. This freedom does have a price, we have to pay very close attention to our budget for starters. We cannot force our friends and loved ones to become Nomads and travel with us. When we meet new friends who are already Nomads we eventually have to say "goodbye" and leave them. We must also learn new towns and faces more often than the average person.

However, all of these inconveniences lead to new experiences and we have a lust for new experiences that only fellow Nomads could understand.

We left North Carolina to fulfill our dreams while living the nomadic lifestyle. Our first priority was to save some money with our job at rainforest so we could continue on our way and explore more of our great country.

The job with rainforest was a tough one, we worked many hours and needed our days off to recuperate. We are also full time students, so on our days off we ended up doing a ton of chores, errands, and school work. We did manage to squeeze in a little bit of time to hang out with new friends, but this was essential for our mental and emotional well being. I am happy to say these new friends will more than likely be life-long friends and we are glad that we devoted what little bit of spare time we did find to these new friends because well... they rock! (True Story: At one point we had six adults in our RV hanging out, yes it was a tight squeeze but we had a lot of fun).

This post is a bitter sweet one because we are sad to leave rainforest but excited to have more time. Time to write blog posts, time to explore the places we find ourselves in, time to finish our last few classes without loosing our minds, and mainly time to experience all of this together.

We feel very strongly that time is the only thing we posses that is of real value.

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