Free Casino Parking and Beginners Luck

Thursday, December 25, 2014

I assume you all know by now we ran in to a little engine trouble. We had planed to head out west to warmer weather. We have a friend  we missed very much and who we were in a hurry to see. To top it all off by the time we completed our assignment with Amazon we had saved up enough cash to do some repairs, get new tires, and take some time off.

After our detour at Wade's though our schedule was a week off and our budget was a lot less. We still had a friend to visit with and the weather is warmer out west. At least we would not see snow right?

I could not make up time so we decided that we were going to have to skip our tour of Oklahoma. We had not seen a sunny day the whole time we were there so I was okay with that. We headed west from Wade's.

I was so looking forward to this trip out west but as the last week passed I deleted activities from my to do list with the passing of every hour. It was hard for me to watch my beach trip go down the drain. Then Quartzite, and RV world. I think it was on the trip back to the mechanic when the fuel pump broke that we decided to take Vegas off the list. That one hurt a little bit more then the others.

Dear Wifey though, always the improviser, set the GPS for a casino in Oklahoma. Some new friends in Kansas recommended some places. Some of them even have free RV parking and hookups. We have been pretty lucky thus far and the sign by the interstate said millions were won there every day.

I decided I wanted one of those millions. What you think about you bring about, right? We are the creators of our reality. I decided I was going to win it big.

When I said GPS it was kind of metaphorically speaking; we had a map and signs on the high way to guide us. We had no address for the casino and no service on the cell phone. We felt as if we were living as true pioneers.

We took a wrong turn as we like to do. That gave us the chance to see a cute old route 66 town. The kind of place with a 20 MPH speed limit. We only drove in circles for a little while before we made it back on track.

I kind of expected a lot of flashy lights and a real glitzy place with a parking lot filled with limos. It was kind of plain and kind of dark and the shuttle bus looked like it might have played bumper cars in the parking lot. I just hoped this place had enough cash on hand to handle my winnings.

The spots were level and we had our pick. There was only one other camper there. There were full hook-ups (water, power, and sewer) with a sign that read free 24 hour camping, please see security. The only amenity we didn't find anywhere near the place was WiFi. We were alright with an internet free night though. We were also given $10.00 per person to use in the casino!

We fought the wind as we ran inside. I had imagined it would look like the Luxor but when I got there it looked like the place from Raindeer Games. As soon as we got inside though it felt like I was in Vegas.

The place had tall ceilings flashy lights and row after row of video slots. The air was filled with smoke and the buzzing of the machines. The center of the main room was full with game tables. People from all walks of life mingled and I felt we could have spent a lot of time just people watching.      

But I was here to make my millions so we went to the far wall to walk the place and feel out the luck jackpot. We tried our luck with a Sex in the City machine. The game was not at all like the last slot I played. The thing had a lot of light up buttons and a high-def flat screen. I hit max bet the first time and half the money I put in the game was gone with a flash of light and electronic cheer.

At this rate we would be broke in no time. So we both lowered our bets and and watched those digital dimwitted women slowly take our money. This was not the right game for us. As I said before I am lucky with the slots so we went walking looking for a better game.

As this was her first time in a casino Kayla thought the place reminded her of an arcade. Row after row of all sorts of games with more themes then you could think of. There was fruit, fishing, show girls, celebrities, pirates, and mermaids even. I got a lucky feeling from a 3D fruit machine that just happened to have a duplicate machine right next to it.

We sat down at our machines and went about winning a million dollars. The game was cool with 3D images that interacted with each other as we spun small win after small win. We did not sit there long before I had almost doubled my money and Kayla had almost lost hers. We cashed out when my hot streak had cooled off. We wondered around the large place stopping when I felt lucky and moving on when it went away.

We played for over an hour and I was still far from my million dollar mark. Kayla was getting thirsty and they had a video poker game at the bar. She got her drink and I thought this is were I needed to play. Slots are all luck but poker requires a bit of skill.

It did not take long before I was up. Before she could finish her drink I was up big. By the time she was done, so was I. I had spent my whole budget. It was exciting how the game itself would sing as you won and changed to a sad tune as it mocked you when you lost. We liked the fancy games but I still lamented not playing a spin on an old fashion one armed bandit. On our way out the door we spotted one.

I gave DW a look that plainly read that is this one I have been looking for. She gave me the change from her drink at the bar and I knew this was it. I fed the money into the machine and went to pull down on the handle only to realize it was just decoration. It still seemed simple enough though. Just line up three bars and win the jackpot. It buzzed as it whirled and as each wheel stopped the bells rung louder. One bar, two bar, then three.

This was not the million dollar machine so I am not a rich man but it did pay out all we had gambled away and payed for our drinks. I always wanted that TV moment when coins fall from the slot like rain but I was still happy with a print out slip that had my winnings on it. We quickly cashed out and left before that place got it's money back.

We needed a fun night out ofter the stress of the last week. We didn't win our millions but I did have a free nights stay and a little more money then we started the night with.

That night in the RV we cuddled up from the cold and watched Eastenders. Just FYI we love Eastenders. Then when the excitement of the day finally over took us the wind rocked us to sleep, off to sweet dreams of new adventures. Content in a feeling of how lucky we are.

*The photo at the top of the post was a picture of the view we had from the west side of the parking lot looking out over the city below the casino.


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