Hello friends and family!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A photo of our Camperforce T-Shirt.
If we have been quiet on the blogoshpere lately its because we are busting our butts at work and busy on our days off. We are so glad that the time is passing quickly, we only have 5 weeks and 2 days left here in Coffeyville.

We have had mandatory overtime, and will stay on that schedule for the next several weeks. With Amazon work, web design work, school work, RV repairs, errands (groceries, laundry, etc) and sleep our schedules have been totally slam packed.

We have managed to squeeze in a little bit of time for hanging out with new friends, but I'm telling you that is imperative to our mental health!!

We still have several blog posts to write about the places we have been, things we have seen, work at Amazon, our minimalistic life in the RV, and #bloglife updates.

We just wanted to touch base and say hello, we miss you all back in NC, and that we are still loving life in the RV!

Until next time,
Live long and prosper!
Love: Rob and Kay

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