What did WinterStead do for Halloween?

Friday, October 31, 2014

In 2013 we went as the Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter.
We are usually known for mixing store bought, thrift store, and DIY pieces for stellar costumes and because our place of employment had spirit week last week we would have been allowed to wear costumes but...

My mind has been so wrapped around work, and doing my job right that I didn't want to show up in costume, and be more focused on everything staying in place and mascara running from sweat, than my job.

We heard all of our co-workers talking about their costume plans at breaks and we were excited to see them. However...
A nasty stomach bug was going around the job and we were not able to make it in on Halloween. We were really excited to see everyone and we already knew what we wanted to dress up as if we went anywhere this year but, this year Halloween past unnoticed.

We did end up walking to the grocery store and got to see all of the goblins and dead cheerleaders walking around downtown in Coffeyville!

We decided since we were laying around feeling bad we should watch a scary movie.. we chose Pulp Fiction since neither one of
us had ever seen this iconic film. We don't have the stomachs for horror films on a normal day and for anyone who has seen Pulp Fiction you should agree that there are a few scary parts.. as in what the crap am I watching moments!!

We were also looking forward to going to a local festival called Neewollah (Halloween backwards) but because we were sick we didn't think we were up for it. We were hoping to take lots of pictures and blog about our experience with some of our new friends.

Sometimes in life you have to stop everything and focus on healing. Usually this comes during times when you have a million other things you would rather be doing. I'm just glad that I have an arsenal of essential oil remedies to help my body and mind heal quickly. 

There is a song that goes "you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes.. you just might find.. you get what you need." I think our body needed a few days of self-care. I hate that we missed our favorite holiday but I'm glad that I saw photos of friends and family in my Facebook timeline.

Next year.. we will rock out on Halloween and have a whole year to make our costumes just right! ;)

Did you do anything fun for Halloween? Tell us about your weekend in the comments section and remember to set your clocks back!

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