Life in the present & My Dear Husband (DH)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

As we wait for the answers to some big questions my lovely husband's birthday will be here in a few days.

The best present I could possibly give him are answers; when we will be heading out, when we will be able to fix the plumbing, when we will make it to warm weather and friends on the West coast.

Sadly, I do not have the answers right now and we will have to be patient together. He is usually very patient. I am, on the other hand, usually patient enough to bring the cookies out of the oven a little doughy in the middle..

Our roles have changed for the moment, I am being the patient one, and he is pacing back and forth.

Every time we talk to someone or see someone we hear: "I thought you two had left already."

Part of me is thankful that we have people who are excited to read about our adventures, the other part of me is sad when we have to say "no not yet".

All things come in due time. Had we have left in August after the family beach trip as planned we would have missed my little brothers first baseball game and a chance to hang out with our favorite people another time or two (the ones who call us every day wondering if we can hang out one more time before we leave).

We have also realized who our real friends are and who just tolerated us because they had to. Now that we are leaving it makes it easier for certain people to show their true colors...

We are not your normal folks, we don't care to be. We tend to scare people off with our far out thoughts and our genuine actions. That is alright, we say to each their own. I just feel like one more thing could be the straw.. but dreams of future adventure help us progress even if only a few steps forward a day.

I can officially say I have been forced to live in the present moment because I know that my past is something I can only learn from and the future.. well we have seen what results from us making concrete plans.

& Now for something completely different...

What is DH?

We have been blessed to find several online RV communities and Facebook groups. After reading several posts and comments I realized that DW and DH were abbreviations for Dear Wife and Dear Husband!!

My DH is:
& overall the man of my dreams!

I know we may spend his birthday this year working to save money to leave town but I hope that next year we can celebrate it at a large festival or on a secluded beach somewhere.

While this post was random, and all over the place. So are we at the moment. As our best friends know, you take the good and the bad. If you want us, you get all of us.. even the random parts!

Happy Birthday Robert, my dear husband!! I love you so very much and I am so honored to be your dear wife! <3

RV Makeover

Monday, September 1, 2014

As soon as we bought The Defiant I knew that I would want to make lots of interior design changes. It took a lot of hard work by a lot of people, and a long time but finally I am ready to share the interior make-over of our tiny home!

 Here are a few before photos, the curtains were horrible and the darkness of the wood paneling was a little depressing. [You can click on the photos for a full screen view.]

I wanted to create a space that felt like a tiny studio apartment instead of an 80's model motor-home. I think we accomplished that for sure.

My wonderful husband spent weeks painting, because of rain, leaks, and having to paint the cabinets four times (we know to use primer now).

My awesome mother made custom slip covers for the dinette and swivel arm chairs that really pulled the entire space together; my lovely grandmother sewed the curtains on the back two windows by the bed.

I upholstered the sides of the dinette with a teal blue fabric and a staple gun.

For the DIY roman shades I referred to this video (click here) and used the flat sheets that matched the sheet above the cab. I think it worked out perfectly.

With the help of my little brother I spray painted all of the hardware (knobs, hinges, various hooks, speaker boxes) and the kitchen appliances.

Some of our friends gave us the perfect figurines and decorative pieces to hang up, some of which I still need to put out. We also have a large mirror to put right by the door. While there are many things on our to-do list we ultimately feel very happy and comfortable with the outcome!

We decided to put our full sized mattress, box spring, and IKEA mattress topper on the platforms from the twin sized beds that were originally there. We love having our bed in the motor home and feel very cozy in our room. I used an IKEA rug mat (that prevents rugs from moving) between the mattress and box spring which keeps them in place while driving.

The space on the twin bed platforms that our bed didn't cover make for awesome benches to put shoes on and such.

The people who owned the RV before us took the shower out and built a custom cabinet (refer to the photo above with the oval mirror), that was annoying and ugly so we ripped it out and put a wicker dresser in its place. The wicker drawers wont slide out when we are riding down the road so it works out great for now. I can see a closet there in the future!!

The bathroom was small, even for Robert, so he cut away as much of the wall as possible and used trim to finish it off so that we had more room to use the bathroom. We use the bath house for the most part but when we have to go, its nice to be able to fit in the bathroom!

There was a tiny space up under the bed that I put a vintage trunk in front of in the attempt to keep the cats out of it... but as it turns out that it is the perfect size for our two cats to run and hide in when strangers walk by with their dogs. Yes, we have scaredy cats!

The dinette folds down into what is meant to be a full sized bed for a normal person, but its too short for us. So we use it as a daybed/ couch when we want to lay around and watch movies on the laptop.  We use the big teal blue pillows I bought from IKEA to lounge around on. Again, works out great for us!

The end table between the swivel chairs also converts into a small desk, which I'm typing on at this very moment. I love that our space is transformable!

At some point I'll return with photos of how we organize all of our belongings in our tiny home but for now we are still deciding where everything should go. We ended up bringing a lot less stuff than we thought we would in the beginning. I'm surprised to say there are a few cabinets that are practically empty.

So now.. the moment you have all been waiting for.. Here are the after photos!

The cats are snoozing behind the blue trunk that holds our shoes.

View from the loft.

Watercolor painting by our good friend Anna Lewis.

When we make more changes, because I'm sure we will, I will be back with updates. For now we are thoroughly enjoying our tiny home on wheels and the freedom it brings us.

Thank you to all who helped us make this dream a reality and create a space for us that we enjoy so much!


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