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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

You already know that we are masters at doing something new.

This time, however, we have chosen a dream SO big that we are going to have to be diligent about our research, time management, and resource management more than ever. 

We are masters at making budgets stretch, so as long as we know our budget we will be fine.
We have also mastered the art of turning trash into treasure and loving every minute of it. As far as research goes… well we tend to get lost and spend hours researching. This makes me think that research is a hobby of ours…

We have written down our options and a pro’s/ con’s list for each one. Based on these lists we have decided that we are going to be nomads. In this post I’m going to tell you a little bit about our decision and how this will affect the “WinterStead” blog.

  • First of all, we are already practically gypsies. I (Kayla) lived in the same house from an infant until I was sixteen and then, since then, I’ve moved 21 times. So in eight years I’ve moved twenty one times. One of those moves was to an apartment where we lived for a little over three years so technically I have moved 20 times in 5 years. Robert on the other hand had never lived in the same place for more than a year until we got married. This is very tiring, and when I say tiring I mean emotionally, physically, and of course mentally.
  • Second: Our biggest passions include being together as much as possible, traveling, and writing.
  • Third: We want a place that we can put our things and never have to move them again until we find the perfect place (*cough* save enough money to buy land in a state that doesn’t have building codes) to build a home. (Earthship style) 

Our solution: Live full time on the road in a “Skoolie” or “Glamper.”

I guess it’s time for some educating:

“Skoolie”- A bus (school bus, church bus, transport bus) that has had the seats removed and the interior has been rebuilt similar to an RV. We are an extremely handy pair and we are sure that we can remodel a bus to fit our needs of a home. 

Image Credit
 “Glamper”- A glamorous camper. ;) Most “Glampers” are tiny and can be pulled behind a car, they typically look large enough to house a couple of dolls.. but let’s be realistic here.. we are not dolls! We are both over six feet tall and if we are living in this camper full time we need space to get up and walk around, and we will have our two cats with us. If we had a glamper it would pretty much be a “renovated to our tastes instead of the dr’s office motif of a regular camper” situation. (The photo below is a typical “glamper”)

Image Credit
Either way, we want a motor home, not a pull behind trailer and we want it to feel like a home… not a camper. We are cool with tiny spaces, our tiny apartment was a whopping 200 sq. feet and it had two bedrooms. I have a passion for interior design and in a small space its much easier/ cheaper to decorate because.. well.. you have less space!

The best… BEST.. part about this decision is that we will be able to live by the motto: “Home is where you park it” and the only debt we will have is our school loans. 

Some of the things we plan to do on either our skoolie or our glamper are:
1. Solar power
2. Composting Toilet
3. Find jobs that are either 100% online or travel centered.
4. Set up a space that we not only live in.. but that we love living in!

We can do it.. yes we can! =] 

How will this affect Winterstead.com? A homestead is a home that you make work for you. You cook meals from scratch you give back to mother nature, and it’s a place where you spend most of your time. This will not change. WinterStead will simply be on wheels! We want to travel around the country visiting our blogger friends with homesteads writing about what makes their homestead unique! 

With our homestead tours and our travels + learning how to make a homestead out of a bus/ RV...We will have plenty to write about, and we look forward to having you all follow our adventures! We still have a few months worth of planning, packing, saving money, and finding the right home on wheels but…

Don’t worry.. we will keep you all updated! <3 The Winters <3

p.s. The book that I've been working on for my other blog ApotheKayla is officially available for sale! Click here to buy your copy!

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