Something new

Monday, March 31, 2014

My wife has been asking me for some time now to write a post for our blog. I have given some input to some of her posts, but for the most part all of it so far has been in her words. I suppose she feels that the blog could use a bit of my voice. I have been there with her this whole time doing the work I just do not have the talent for writing that she does.

I dug shelves into the red clay to build the cinderblock walls of our garden. I searched high and low for materials for the chicken coop we built. All the while putting finishing touches on this old house we hoped to make our own. 

The whole time I knew she wanted to write this blog as we went. From the striping of the old wall paper to the pallet cabinet conversion she wanted to show anyone who wanted to know how we made our house our home. The whole time we were either learning as we went or making it up as we went along. 

With the help of other bloggers we have managed to get fresh eggs daily, turn trash into treasures, and design on a budget. Some things I learned the hard way like horned worms are not caterpillars, but for the most part a lot of what we needed to know was there for us in our online circle. I think that is what we wanted to do with this blog help those who want to do something new

So I hope in some way we helped someone. It is not easy doing something you have never done before. I hope seeing what we go through good or bad, gives you the inspiration to try something new.

I have never grown my own food before. Though I did not grow as much as I would have liked I did grow more than I ever have and I know more about it than I did before. I had hoped that I would have the time to do better this season but we do not think we will have another one here. 

Winter Stead the site I hope will go on but Winter Stead the place will be gone soon. The sad truth is that things did not work out here as we had hoped. I do not think we will be here through the spring even. I plan to plant and tend the garden as long as I am here. Maybe the next family who lives here will take over and enjoy the garden. Chances are though the place will sit here an asset of a bank and will likely fall in to disrepair.

So what does that mean for us? Something new again. We have talked about moving to Uruguay (pictured above) but that is kind of expensive and we would have to learn Spanish. 

We have talked about building an earth ship home (pictured above) somewhere secluded, but this again is expensive and we would have to learn a lot of new skills. 

We also have talked about refitting a bus (pictured above) and living like Gypsies. It might be the cheapest but it is also the most far-out. 

I am not sure what we will do next but I do hope to get better at blogging about it. It is sad to think that my first blog post for Winter Stead might be the last blog from the Winter Stead.



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