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Thursday, March 13, 2014

**Update: This post was written two months before we found out that we had to leave our homestead. However we find ourselves telling new friends about this makeover so we wanted it to be visible again.**

We don't want the best of everything, instead we want to make the best out of everything that we have. Welcome to our kitchen makeover!

I'm going to try to make this post with more photos than words, after all a picture says a thousand words right? Hmm.. let's see!

Our first look at the kitchen when we moved in. Our refrigerator was too tall to fit in the allocated spot so we placed it across from the oven.

The oven only worked for a few months, I'm not blaming the oven though.. we cook 99% of our meals at home and it was a little old. So we bought a new oven, that of course wouldn't fit in the allocated spot. So, my husband built a new cabinet for our like-new double convection oven out of pallets!

I loved the look of the pallet cabinet without paint, and we thought about staining it however we felt that the kitchen would look better and be easier to keep clean with a fresh coat of paint!
The space where the original oven went was meant to house a dishwasher, when the "like-new" dishwasher was installed we realized it didn't work so now that space is for storing bulk baking/ cooking goods!

Adding the shelf for our small appliances.
We took off all of the hardware and soaked it in Coca-Cola to loosen up the gunk. This bowl bubbled for over six hours!

Once we removed the hardware from the coca-cola we soaked them in hot soapy water and scrubbed each one with a toothbrush with a diy soft-scrub mixture.

I ended up having to scrub each one twice to get the hardware back to it's original beauty, can you tell the difference between the clean one and the dirty ones? The (semi) clean one is the bright copper looking one! Wow what a difference a little elbow grease made! We didn't want to buy new hardware because we loved the character of these..
First coat of paint.

Alright, by this point we made less time for photos and we were just ready to get our kitchen back together! So here the second coat has been finished, the doors got two coats of paint and I screwed the hardware back on so Mr. Winter could attach the doors back in place!

If you are in my kitchen you will always see dishes in the sink or drying on the counter, as I said earlier we cook 99% of our meals at home. My husband says "Dirty dishes are better than empty bellies any day!" I agree!
We decided to take off the cabinet doors below the sink so that if the fabric got dirty we could just wash it, we also think it looks nice and matches the fabric in front of the bulk storage area!

The final project really is amazing! The hardware looks new, the entire kitchen sparkles and inspires us to enjoy spending our time in the kitchen! Yes, we would like new counter tops, and a new stainless steel sink one day.. but for now we love the makeover just the way it is! Thanks for reading!

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